Frequently Asked Questions

What is sex work?
"Sex work" is a term used to define forms of labor that stem from the exchange of sexual acts for money and/or goods. Sex work is not a designation merely for full service sex workers (what some people might think of as prostitutes/hookers/escorts). but encompasses a wide range of professions. These professions include: dominatrixes, strippers/exotic dancers, phone sex operators, porn actors, sugar babies, camgirls, and more.
Sex work is not the same as sex trafficking.

Who are you?
We are the Minneapolis Chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project. Learn about our parent organization, SWOP USA.

What have you done?
Recently, we helped pass an update to the Adult Entertainment Ordinance.

What are you doing next?
We're in the beginning stages of DecrimMN.
A informational video series promoting awareness of changes to the Adult Entertainment Ordinance called
"We Deserve."

And more!

I'm not a sex worker, but I want to be of service to my community. How can I help?
Money. You can send us money.
@swopmpls on PayPal and Venmo

Check out our Get Involved page for more opportunities. 

If you would like to offer professional services at no cost (office space, legal support, graphic design, etc), please email us at or through our contact form and we will add you to our volunteer list.

You can also purchase items from our print-on-demand store if you want to show your support and look cute.