projects and events


DecrimMN is the recently launched, state-wide initiative to decriminalize all forms of sex work in the state of Minnesota through the repeal of laws relating to prostitution. 

We are currently coalition-building, fundraising, and planning to launch informational campaigns throughout 2021 with the ultimate goal of policy change. DecrimMN is closely linked with existing local movements dedicated to created community-led safety and moving away from hyper-policing and the carceral model most sex work-related legislation in based in.

Adult Entertainment Ordinance 

After years of research and advocacy, the Minneapolis City Council amended the Adult Entertainment Ordinance in order to secure the basic labor rights for exotic dancers in the city of Minneapolis. These previously unprovided rights included the right to a clean workspace free of hazards, the right to a copy of the performance contract, and an end to dancers tipping out management at the clubs. Articles related to the Adult Entertainment Ordinance can be found here.

The People's Budget 

The People's Budget is an ongoing coalition-led movement to radically adjust the Minneapolis City Budget towards a reality of community-led safety. SWOP Minneapolis is proud to be a part of that coalition. This budget advocates for humane, community-led and community-centered holistic safety practices. We join other organizations including Reclaim the Block and Black Visions Collective in the push for a police-free future. We have already made the first small step in this journey.

We Deserve ​

We Deserve is an upcoming project organized as a continuation of the passing of the amended Adult Entertainment Ordinance. Functioning as an awareness campaign by and for dancers in the city, We Deserve hopes to inform dancers of their rights as workers and empower them to stand up for themselves and others in the clubs.

December 17th 

December 17th is also known as International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Started in 2003 as a memorial to the victims of The Green River Killer, it has grown into an international day of remembrance of those in the industry that have been killed because of or during their work. In 2020, SWOP MPLS organized a Zoom memorial where we had a traditional reading of names followed by a celebration of sex workers through readings submitted as Love Offerings for Sex Workers, our upcoming zine.

Healthy Workers

The Healthy Workers campaign was able to distribute homemade masks to different locations in the Twin Cities while paying out-of-work sex workers fairly for their time. Sex workers intimately know what it's like to work in dangerous conditions, so it made sense to contribute in the small ways we could. This project is currently on indefinite pause as we pursue DecrimMN.