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Join SWOP 

SWOP is a sex worker organization by and for sex workers. Meetings are closed, meaning that they are for current and former sex workers, as well as trusted allies and activists. We maintain this meeting structure for the safety of workers and it is non-negotiable. Meetings (held through video call) typically take place the first Saturday of the month. Sex workers (current and former) are welcome to request a link to the virtual meeting through any of our communication channels. Currently, we are working on a document to get new members up to speed with our work, as meetings tend to consist of updates on ongoing projects within the community.


The best way to help us is to provide us with funds. Activists in SWOP do almost all of their work unpaid (including creating and updating this website!), so simple dollars can go a long way. You can donate through our PayPal (preferred) or through Venmo. If donating through Paypal, you can also set up a recurring monthly donation. 

At this time, we are unable to provide significant direct relief for sex workers in our area. This is due to a multitude of reasons, primarily the need relative to available funds. If a sex worker ever wants us to plug their own fundraising efforts, we are always happy to on our social media!

Pro Bono Services 

Do you have a business or skillset that can help us in some way? Would you like to donate your time and skills? Awesome! Reach out to us through email and we'd love to discuss ways in which we can work together. Legal services, office space, organizational development, graphic design, photography, videography, illustration, and more could prove to be helpful to us! Email us at so we can discuss the ways in which we can work together. 

We are not looking for those advertising paid services at the time, given that we are a small organization with limited financial means.


Call your representatives! Email them! Seriously! Figure out who represents you on local, state, and federal levels. Reach out to them and their offices and advocate for decriminalization of sex work. Tell them about the existing research and grassroots movements. Talk to your friends and neighbors about Decrim. It's a topic most people don't know much about but probably have feelings on. Work to unravel the work of the "anti-trafficking" rescue industry and its puritanical lessons. Dismantle conspiracy theories that pop up and stand up for sex workers online! All of us! Destigmatization is a long journey and we need you to be a part of it.

Support other Orgs ​

We do not exist in a vacuum. Our work is part of a larger network of activists that are striving towards similar goals. Black Visions Collective, the George Floyd Square Memorial, Black Immigrant Collective, Unidos, MN Youth Collective and more are doing the work in the Twin Cities.


One valuable way to get involved as an ally is to volunteer. Right now we don't have a huge amount of volunteer work available, but come spring we will likely need help posting signs related to our street outreach program.

Additionally, our DecrimMN campaign periodically has opportunities for legal research available for university graduate students. Openings for these positions will be posted here and on social media.

Join DecrimMN

Are you part of a local organization that is interested in partnering with SWOP as we expand our DecrimMN campaign? Email us! We would love to get in touch and discuss the ways in which we can collaborate as the initiative moves forward. DecrimMN is about more than just sex work. It's about racial justice, housing justice, immigration justice, trans rights, women's rights, carceral justice, and more!